The Who, the What, and the Why.

Welcome, fellow internauts. My name is Christophe (Yes, like in the movie Frozen). I am a 6’3” homo sapiens living in the Pacific Northwest (until I decide to move, as sapiens tend to do). I have three passions: history and creative writing. Through this newsletter, I intend to share what I learn as I live and breathe these topics. My passions offer several disparate ways of exploring the human experience. I sincerely hope you find value in what I write and share, and I invite you to join me in this exploration by leaving comments, sparking discussions, and otherwise engaging with what I write meaningfully and, perhaps, allowing it to inspire more careful reflection within yourself on what it means to be human.

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Welcome to my Substack, where I write about my three disparate ways of exploring the human experience: history, creative writing, and fitness.


C.J. Adrien is an award-winning author of Viking historical fiction novels, passionate about Viking history and general history, and a history educator.